Spirit of the Warhorse,

Kitty Silverwings,

An Appaloosa Story, by Patti Ansuini

Kitty Photo Opportunity  09 01 18

Kitty had taken it upon herself to run a quality control test on the hay; her logic for this magnanimous gesture was that she wasn’t willing to risk her beloved barn mates health and welfare due to problems relating to our recent hay delivery.  My, my isn’t she the thoughtful one . .

In her expert opinion she reported that she felt there was an  excessive amount of cat hair in the feed stuffs and that I just didn’t seem to understand how difficult it was for a horse to spit out the cat hair.  I swear, I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff.

Little Bird, Spotted Horse

and their beloved Shine.

 Original art work by Mike Craig © Too Blonde Productions, 2014

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Miracles of the week!

This past week has been nothing short of amazing for Kitty’s book;  One day’s mail was chock full of grins.  Not only did we receive a royalty check from our publisher which suggests that the book is still selling.  Another little treasure in that same stack, just one letter down was a solicitation from a magazine looking for new subscribers called All Creatures, published by Guideposts (1.3 million subscribers). The advertising copy included the magazine cover featuring Kitty & I that they had used last year!

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