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“Mom, tell me again how we rescued

each other”

Coke, it’s the real thing!

(Kitty gives it a 5 carrot rating)

Kitty’s 23rd Birthday celebration

Kitty's Story as covered in Guideposts Magazine

2005:  Morgan Hill, CA., Mayor Dennis Kennedy and first lady Eileen.  Kitty, acting ambassador along with Mayor Kennedy during official Native American ground breaking ceremony  within the city.

"Wouldn't a crystal

Kitty Silverwings be awesome"

Kitty Silverwings at 3 years old

Little, Little Bird, a painting by Karen Noles

Special thanks for this beautiful illustration to TJ Hurst of Jonesboro, LA

Kitty with a Pendleton, Chief Joseph commemorative blanket and sporting her war feathers presented to her by the Carrizo-Comecrudo Nation (Kickapoo Sioux) of Texas for her war horse spirit and courage.

July, 2015 Kitty & Patti enjoying each others company

Breaking News!


Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings,

An Appaloosa Story, spent most of 2015

on the Amazon BEST SELLER LIST


Miracles never get old!

Kitty and Patti made the cover of All Creatures, The Animals Who Share Our Lives (Guideposts Magazine). "What a blessing I've received from the BOSS; that our story lives on and was meant for so many others. Miracles are never small or made for one, they are meant for many to renew faith, sustain hope and give testimony to the power of love. Miracles are some of God's greatest gifts to humankind, never stop believing," says Patti.

Patti decided that if she ever found a portrait of what she thought Little Bird looked like she'd post it . . .Here she is! . . Little Bird.

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Kitty Featured as

"Horse of the Month for April 2016" in BACK IN THE SADDLE Catalog


As Covered in the Gilroy Today magazine.....



The December issue of the Appaloosa Journal ran a feature about T J Hurst, the artist/modeler who did Kitty’s model




A Letter to Kitty Silverwings


Before the book Spirit of the Warhorse even came out, my friend Lynne had told me about the Kitty Silverwings video. After watching the video and shedding many tears, and then turning around and experiencing such happiness and an overwhelming feeling of peace, that is what led me to immediately buy the book.

In May of 2015, I was told that I had some very serious health problems which made me feel like there wasn’t any hope and I wanted to give up. But, after reading the book I felt such a spiritual connection to Kitty Silverwings.

The book has become like my bible and I read it constantly, as well as watch Kitty’s video daily. You might say I have become obsessed with her because I have her picture where I can see it every day. I also have Kitty’s picture as a screen saver on my cell phone to be a constant reminder to never give up and stay positive.

I’ve also had the privilege of sharing Patti and Kitty’s story with so many and have in turn helped them in so many ways. I have shared her story with every nurse that has helped me with my medical condition and it has changed the way they care for people who are sick. They in turn have shared the story with coworkers. They now use words of encouragement to never give up, no matter what happens and to believe in miracles.

I do have days when I fall back into thinking this is the end, but all I have to do is get the book out and it always helps me to regain a positive attitude. I highly recommend this book to everyone; I guarantee it will change your life forever. I am eternally grateful to Patti and Kitty for sharing their amazing story and to Patti who has been so good to me with comforting words of encouragement and for the gifts she has sent to me. I will treasure her friendship forever.

Diane Mynahan

Vernon, CT


Kitty Silverwings shared a special place in Donny Woods' life.


Please read this incredibly touching and miraculous story about how Kitty touched one man's heart.


My sister, Cyndi’s, husband, Donny Woods, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer about three years ago. They lived together with all their horses and animals in Tucson, AZ.  Donny and Cyndi both loved all animals. They had quite a menagerie together.

Donny Woods


Donny had a fighting spirit and was determined to lick his cancer, but he succumbed to the insidious disease on May 3, 2015.  That was a very sad day, indeed.


onny was given 3 weeks to live at the time of his diagnosis, but he hung in there for 16 months, surprising his doctors and everyone else that loved him.  He was a testament to the greatness of the human spirit and a will driven by his love for God.


Feeling helpless about the situation, I set out to try and find inspiration for Donny and my sister.  My lovely neighbor, Patti Ansuini, had just published a book about her magnificent horse, Kitty Silverwings.  I attended her book signing at Barnes and Nobel and purchased two copies of the book. I kept one and mailed the other to Donny.  I later purchased another copy for my Dad because he is the only person in our family that loves horses just as much as Donny did.  Patti also gave me a copy of the inspiring movie about Kitty that I, in turn, shared with my Dad and Donny.  I think they both watched that movie every day for 16 months.  Donny took great comfort in watching the movie over and over as he battled his illness.  He just couldn’t get over that little horse and her miracle.

Donny Woods with one of his special friends.

As Donny’s illness progressed, I kept Patti informed and we put him on both our prayer lists.  Patti also suggested that a gift from Kitty might lift Donny’s spirits.  So, she washed Kitty’s tail so there would be no chance of contamination to Donny in his frail state, and took some of the hair to make a braided lasso for him, along with one of Kitty’s shoes.  Well, Donny was over the moon.  He just couldn’t believe that he was receiving such a precious gift from Kitty.  At first, he put the braided lasso in a frame so that he could look at it from the hospital bed that they had set up for him in the house along with the shoe.


Donny’s spirits never wavered, but his body was slowly shutting down, so he eventually had to go to hospice.  It was there that he passed away on May 3, 2015, with his family and his beloved wife by his side.  I had the privilege of being there during this difficult time to support my sister, Cyndi, and to pray with the family immediately after Donny died in his room at hospice.  I noticed that he was clutching the braided lasso from Kitty the entire time.


Cyndi buried Donny in his finest western attire, along with the ashes

of his two beloved dogs. And in his hand was the gift from

Kitty Silverwings.




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