Believe In Miracles


A true story of amazing courage

in the face of impossible odds.

This book could change the

way you think about Miracles!


Learn the story of a close spiritual bond forged mere hours after her birth, between what was thought to be a catastrophically injured filly and her owner, Patti Ansuini.


Attending veterinarians felt that the humane thing to do was to euthanize the filly immediately.  But, Ansuini saw the hope of life in

the filly's eyes and was determined to give her the chance.

“A true story of courage, faith

and a powerful love that refused

to take no for an answer.


Kitty Silverwings was born

a descendant of the ancient lineage

of legendary Native American Warhorses.


In spite of being born completely shattered, she had a cool steady look

that spoke of the fire of life,

of God’s miracles and a promise

that she would never give up

her battle for survival.”

© 2018 Patti Ansuini  All rights reserved.