This year, we celebrate

Kitty’s 25th birthday.


It’s a very special day…

every one of her birthdays

is a very special day. She has

blessed my life and I see her as

a gift from God. To think that I was

entrusted with her care is a

blessing of the first order.


Without a doubt I have always

believed she is one of God’s

favorite horses. Truth be told,

we’ve got the proof of it!


Together Kitty and I have

miraculously walked through

the ‘Valley of the Shadow’ more

than a few times.


Kitty was born hopelessly crippled.

All the expert opinions were

unanimous, at just 8 hours old,

they came prepared to put her

down. Tearfully I asked them to

give me a few minutes alone

with her to say goodbye and

let her know I loved her in

her little short life.


I sat down in the deep straw next to her and stroked her silky

neck, and was consumed by how beautiful she was. She looked

up at me with those soft gentle eyes, then rolled up on her

sternum and looked me directly in the eyes and said, “they’re

dead wrong about me you know. Trust me, I’ll be okay”...

I heard her loud and clear.


I went back out to the vets and said nope, we won’t be putting her

down until she gives up. She tells me she isn’t going to give up

and I’ll do all I can to make sure she gets a chance at life.


The vets were upset by my decision and told me she wouldn’t make it to the coming weekend. She wasn’t going to survive on just three legs; she doesn’t have a prayer.


So Kitty and I walked the Valley of Shadow and by the grace of God, we came out the other side. Not only did she miraculously survive she went on to became a great champion full of heart and miracles!


13 years later Kitty carried me through the Valley of the Shadow. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given less than a 5% chance to survive. My husband didn’t believe them. He reasoned that I would not abandon Kitty. I had been in the hospital for 3 months and according to my doctors, wasn’t expected to walk out.

I didn’t have a prayer.


My husband wasn’t going to give up. He taped a photo of Kitty at the foot of my bed so that anytime I opened my eyes I would see her. Our reunion was a tearful state of Grace . . . That’s why when Kitty and my story is told I always remind people that

“I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them” . . . .


If you’d like to hear the whole story be sure and read, “Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story”. . Oh and about that proof I mentioned? Watch Kitty’s movie, click on the movie tab. It’s a 32 minute movie full of miracles . . . you’ll want to be sure to bring a couple of hankies. The beginning is a little hard to watch but it sure ends well. All the glory goes to God!

To learn more about the history and heritage of the Appaloosa Horse, visit these links below:




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Little, Little Bird, a painting by Karen Noles

Special thanks for this beautiful illustration to TJ Hurst of Jonesboro, LA

Kitty with a Pendleton, Chief Joseph commemorative blanket and sporting her war feathers presented to her by the Carrizo-Comecrudo Nation (Kickapoo Sioux) of Texas for her war horse spirit and courage.

July, 2015 Kitty & Patti enjoying each others company

2005:  Morgan Hill, CA., Mayor Dennis Kennedy and first lady Eileen.  Kitty, acting ambassador along with Mayor Kennedy during official Native American ground breaking ceremony  within the city.

"Wouldn't a crystal

Kitty Silverwings be awesome"

Kitty Silverwings at 3 years old

A Touching Story shared with

Kitty Silverwings


From time to time I will be posting some of the deeply touching emails and letters 'Kitty' receives. Mail from people around the country that tell of the 'miraculous' events that have touched their lives. They attribute Kitty's miraculous story, 'Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story', that gave them hope when all seemed lost; that all things are possible with the BOSS!


The following email was received from Jennifer Klinkel, Everett, WA regarding a heart wrenching story of her beloved Aussie, Little J.


' I was given your book, signed, months ago. . As it turns out it may have been on purpose to prepare me for something that was going to happen.


A person came on my property and accidentally knocked over my Australian Shepherd, 'Little J' . . . Little J couldn't right himself before being plowed over. He was literally pinned under the hot exhaust system and burning to death. I tried to free him and was bitten many times. My husband Don, had to pull us apart, and he also was bitten. My husband had the presence of mind to jack up the car with both Little J and I screaming.


I went by ambulance to the hospital and Little J was taken screaming in pain to the emergency vet. Little J was diagnosed with 3rd degree burns to his entire left hip and was not able to stand. He had sustained a spinal fracture near the base of his tail. The vertebrae had completely cracked with one half positioned under the other. The nerves in that spinal area feed the ability to walk, wag his tail, and control bladder and bowel function.


I know I was given your book at a time I needed it and I was prepared for what was coming my way. Little J is learning to walk again, he is still weak but, we do believe he is heading into full recovery. I told my husband this morning that Little J has been given back to us.


Today the burn is almost healed. Miraculously, the nerve functions just started working one day, a few weeks ago and he never messes in the house, he waits to go outside. Yesterday he actually was able to lift his leg to pee . . it was so sweet to watch!


I cannot thank our Heavenly Father God or you enough. I am so excited about what seems a joyful sort of explosion of the spreading of your powerful message with the story of Kitty Silverwings ! You have done a beautiful job of maintaining the integrity and power of the story. Thank You!









Gratitude Abounds!

There just aren’t words that could possibly convey our gratitude and appreciation for Dann Lemmerand, CEO & Publisher of The Mulligan Magazine, a Christian publication based in Clarkston, Michigan.  Beginning with his May-June inaugural issue through his current Sept/Oct edition, he has afforded ‘Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings’  some incredibly special placement in all three issues of his highly acclaimed Christian Golf Magazine.   Some of you may be wondering how in the heck a golf magazine would relate to our wonderful world of horses.   Well, let me just say this about that.  During my  years working with, and exhibiting show horses many of the equine trainer/coaches I had occasion to meet liked being outdoors and if they weren’t siting astride their favorite horse they likely were toting around a bag of clubs participating in a round or two of golf with friends and family .

Bearing that in mind,  the golfers in your life might truly appreciate your mention, or a gift of a subscription to The Mulligan Magazine.  I know you’ll sure be glad you did, and I know Dann Lemmerand and the folks over at The Mulligan magazine would sure appreciate it.






Are you ready for another Kitty Silverwings Miracle?


Five times a year my publisher, Xulon Press, produces a beautiful 95 page, glossy, full color Christian Book Browser (catalog) that is sent to 10,000 buyers that include libraries, bulk buyers, independent retail outlets, universities and other institutions . . . .


 And then the most incredible thing happened


I was selected for the center fold, 'Featured Author Spotlight!

WOW, Another divine, miraculous turn of events . . .  Speechless (almost)





Press Release 9/2/2015


Promises to Kitty

During Kitty’s darkest hours; when no one believed that this severely deformed filly born on a Tuesday, would ever see the light of Sunday.  With all the odds stacked against her,  she displayed incredible courage and a powerful will to live as she endured the hardships.  Not once did she hint at giving up her battle.  I prayed constantly and refused to heed the calls of the naysayers who constantly called for her immediate destruction.  She wasn’t giving up, how could I? Deep inside I already knew a great truth; I didn’t believe in miracles, I relied on them.


During Kitty’s first week of life I made her 3 promises;


#1:  That one day soon she would walk and that she would overcome all of her disabilities if she remained brave and believed me.  And then she walked.


#2:  That a time would come when she would become a Champion show horse.  She believed in me and was fearless.  She won those honors with great distinction.


#3:  That she would one day become a Breyer Horse Model!  And so she has!


I received a call from T J Hurst of Jonesboro, Louisiana asking if I would consent to her creating a model of Kitty Silverwings.  My dignified response was “ARE YOU KIDDING ME”!  All I could think was that my 3rd promise was making a grand entrance!


What a ride Kitty and I have had!  No denying our blessings of the truck load of  miracles ~ and with each and every one of those miracles, all the glory goes to BOSS!




Model by T.J. Hurst of Jonesboro, Louisiana. A promise kept..

Front (trotting): Breyer Kitty ~ Back (standing), Peter Stone Kitty




The models showing the 'battle' wounds. That's amazing detail.


Kitty was born completely crippled. This is one of her battle scars from those early days.


The inside fetlock scar is white. It doesn't look like much here but it actually resembles a little cave. If you put your thumb over this 'white' scar it sinks perfectly into this scar.


Another battle wound: This 'black' scar was caused when her only means of getting around was to hobble around on the face of her fetlock. Then a miracle happened literally overnight and she was able to use her hoof as the BOSS intended.


T.J. with her beloved, 19 year old Appaloosa gelding Pokey.


About the artist:

T. J. Hurst, hails from Jonesboro, Louisiana and is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She holds a B.A. degree in Fine Arts and began her life long career as a graphic artist in 1973. She retired in 2011 and it was then that she began painting 3-D images of Appaloosa legends in the form of model horses. T. J. works with both the Breyer and Peter Stone models and admits that she doesn't just paint any old boring brown horses, she loves the challenge of painting the famous Appaloosa of color. T. J. and her beautiful master-works of detail have been featured in the Appaloosa Journal on four separate occasions over the past two years.




Kitty Silverwings sponsors

68th Appaloosa Nationals

& 2015 Youth World Show

Fort Worth, Texas


Sponsoring all three divisions of the Heritage Classes at one of the Appaloosa Horse Clubs premiere events in 2015, seemed a perfect match for The Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings and her fabled Nez Perce legacy.


Competition in the Heritage Classes can be very competitive owing to the fact that all costumes and artifacts must be absolutely authentic.  The classes themselves have always garnered great interest among spectators and Appaloosa enthusiasts alike.   They serve as a tribute and living history lesson representing our Native American heritage and the legendary Appaloosa horse dating back for centuries on the North America continent.


Presenting Our Champions:



MEN’S HERITAGE:  William ‘Bill’ Snyder, riding ‘Death Wish’, owned by IB Stables of Noblesville, Indiana, was the persona of an 1800’s, Nez Perce Chief, ‘Blue Horse’.  Some of Blue Horse's treasured items were a 1963 Enfield rifle and a 1776 Bowie knife.




LADIES HERITAGE:  Iris Snyder of Noblesville, Indiana, aboard Eternal Peace, owned by John & Jenny Bradley of Crown Point, Indiana.  Iris, ‘She Who Loves Horses’ Snyder was the epitome of an 1860’s Nez Perce woman wearing her finest during a tribal horse parade.  A few of ‘She Who Loves Horses’ prized possessions included 1800’s corn husk flat bags and hat as well as a much coveted Nez Perce beaded purse.




YOUTH HERITAGE: Robert Pratt of Zionsville, Indiana riding Night Flash, made a memorable showing as ‘Running Horse’ a Nez Perce, teenager.  Some of Running Horses favored possessions were a hoop and arrow game and what would be called a lacrosse stick and ball, all tribal games traditional to boys of his age.


Each of our champions received an autographed copy of, ‘Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story’ by Patti Ansuini






2015 Western States Horse Expo


Patti with Robin Hutton, Author of Sargent Reckless,

New York Times Best Seller, 2014 Horse Book of the Year.


The Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, CA., can only be described as amazing!  The event ran from June 4-7th.  We bumped into a lot of old friends and met some great new ones!  Our booth’s centerpiece was a 40” monitor which displayed Kitty’s movie continuously throughout the event.  The response to the movie was at times pretty emotional for many who came by the booth.  Lots of hugs and more than a few tears.  Those that have been with me at the book signings always come away stunned at the passionate responses and comments they’d heard.  All have admitted that it more than restores your faith in humanity.  I couldn’t agree more.



The 2015 run of Book Expo America held at the Javitts Center in New York City, was host to 32,000 publishers, authors agents, journalists, Booksellers Association (Independent Publishers).  Touted as the leading book and author event for the North American Publishing Industry.  Kitty Silverwings (Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story), was one of my publisher's (Xulon Press) featured books.  My agent reported that ‘Kitty’s’ story generated inquires and interest.  Apparently that amazing cover does tend to attract attention and in turn generated interest and inquires.  Kitty’s display banner was 8’ tall, that probably didn’t hurt either!

The Amazon best seller, ‘Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story’ will be featured by our publisher, Xulon Press, during the run of the 2015 ‘Book Expo America’.  If you’re near New York City in late May, you can contact the Javits Center in New York City, New York, where tickets are on currently on sale for this, the largest event of it’s kind in the United States. Exact dates of this premiere event are Weds May 27- Friday May 29. The event is expected to host in excess of 30,000 book buyers representing major bulk retailers, libraries, schools and other types of media from around the globe.  Every publisher of note will be in attendance.


‘The book’ will be highly visible as our publisher has secured a booth at the entrance to this prestigious event .  Suspended above the Xulon booth will be a ‘Kitty Silverwings’ banner nearly 7’ by 40” that will be highly visible to attendees at the center.  I have been informed by Xulon’s managing supervisor, that banners normally feature just the book cover, but an exception was made in ‘Kitty’s’ case with the addition of;  ‘'As featured in Guideposts Magazine’ and winner of a Christian Writers Award.  During the course of the call my publisher also informed me that the Christian Writers Award, had been earned by the book after being judged against 15,000 other titles!  But wait there’s more; the current stats provided by the printing house reported that the book was selling at a brisk 10 books a day!  GOD is great!


From Amazon’s author central:  It is exciting to note that at one point on Amazon, ‘Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story’ was #2 on the best seller list in 2 separate divisions.  Topping those amazing  American sales numbers was New York City followed by Los Angeles.  GOD has blessed Kitty and me far beyond what mere words could ever convey.


Through a ‘Miraculous’ set of circumstances, a new Christian themed Golf publication, The Mulligan Magazine has introduced it’s inaugural issue with it’s May/June edition.  We were offered an opportunity to place an ad in this highly anticipated publication, but I was a little slow on the draw and the ad sold before I could get back to them.  I expressed my disappointment at missing my opportunity to the rep of Mulligans who apparently went back to their publisher.  They reviewed the ‘Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings ad and decided to place the full color ad on a quarter page (upper right hand corner) in the middle of a story run!  As if that weren’t enough, the ad is the only color on two pages of black and white editorial!  All of this and they waived all costs!  The miracles we’ve received can be named; they are Love, Faith and Hope. I love and thank you for the many, many blessing Papa!

READ ABOUT Kitty Silverwings in



Kitty and Patti are again

in the Press!


has their story in the

February 2015 issue

Volume 69 • Issue 12


You Go Girls!


Best Friends.

Soul Mates.


See the story at

click here.

Appaloosa Journal

Celebrates Kitty Silverwings Book

in May 2014 Issue


Colorado Horseman’s Day


(Norris-Penrose Events Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado)


On Saturday, February 22, 2014, I had the honor of being invited to be one of the featured guest speakers at the 5th annual Colorado Horseman’s Day event, hosted by the Colorado Equine Veterinary Services group.



When Monday morning dawned and the last chair had been stowed and the dust had finally settled at the Norris-Penrose Events Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado the event was unanimously deemed to have been a great success by both attendees and vendors alike.  When asked, a majority of the vendors had said they would definitely be interested in coming back next year.


My featured time slot had been the hour between 11:00 AM and noon.  Initially we had some problems with the sound system and many in the back rows complained that they had not been able to hear me.


My talk was a narration of the Kitty Silverwings movie.  There are many subtle aspects to that film that many people are not aware of.  The most intrigued of all are the veterinarians.  They know what they’re looking at and understand  what ‘that filly’ in the films odds of survival really were.  To think that not only did Kitty survive it, she went on to become a multiple state and national champion; nothing short of miraculous there!  So as it turned out I would have to say the people most versed in equine maladies are the greatest admirers of Kitty Silverwings.


 The first 4-6 rows remained fully engaged during the entire narration of the film.  When the film finished, I stepped down off the stage and walked out into the audience and took questions.  It was an amazing experience for me to see people moved to both a relieved laughter and those who were moved to tears.


I was thrilled to learn that during the narration of the film, there was a standing room only audience.  The viewing area had been set up to seat more than 200 people.  After my presentation I went back to my booth where the Kitty Silverwings movie looped during the afternoon.  I answered questions, signed books and posed for photos.


Colorado was awesome.   The folks I met could not have been more wonderful and treated me like a rock star.  A true, pinch me, I’m dreaming weekend!


The booth where I, along with Mike Craig, signed copies of my new book, ‘Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings, An Appaloosa Story.’  Seated next to me is Mike Craig, an incredibly talented artist that did the beautiful cover along with the additional inside art work as well.  The cutie on the end is Sandy Cochran, who just happens to be Mike’s niece.  As miracles do tend to abound in my blessed life (AMEN, to that), it should come as no surprise that Sandy, is just about the greatest graphic artist around; she’s the talent behind the beautiful book Kitty’s story has at last become.    As you can see by these pictures we never had a lull in the action or the laughs . .  as a matter of fact my ribs hurt from laughing for two full days after I got back home!  Another contributing factor to those sore ribs was the fact that Mike and his wonderful wife Suzi, who had invited us to stay with them throughout our entire stay ~ it was like a non stop party ~ now THAT explains the sore ribs!













Copyright © 2014 Kitty Silverwings









‘War Horse” by Tina Skates, Novato, CA

Kitty Silverwings by Tina Skates

of Novato, CA . . . Just Beautiful

Silverwings on high

Kitty Featured as

"Horse of the Month for April 2016" in BACK IN THE SADDLE Catalog


As Covered in the Gilroy Today magazine.....



The December issue of the Appaloosa Journal ran a feature about T J Hurst, the artist/modeler who did Kitty’s model




A Letter to Kitty Silverwings


Before the book Spirit of the Warhorse even came out, my friend Lynne had told me about the Kitty Silverwings video. After watching the video and shedding many tears, and then turning around and experiencing such happiness and an overwhelming feeling of peace, that is what led me to immediately buy the book.

In May of 2015, I was told that I had some very serious health problems which made me feel like there wasn’t any hope and I wanted to give up. But, after reading the book I felt such a spiritual connection to Kitty Silverwings.

The book has become like my bible and I read it constantly, as well as watch Kitty’s video daily. You might say I have become obsessed with her because I have her picture where I can see it every day. I also have Kitty’s picture as a screen saver on my cell phone to be a constant reminder to never give up and stay positive.

I’ve also had the privilege of sharing Patti and Kitty’s story with so many and have in turn helped them in so many ways. I have shared her story with every nurse that has helped me with my medical condition and it has changed the way they care for people who are sick. They in turn have shared the story with coworkers. They now use words of encouragement to never give up, no matter what happens and to believe in miracles.

I do have days when I fall back into thinking this is the end, but all I have to do is get the book out and it always helps me to regain a positive attitude. I highly recommend this book to everyone; I guarantee it will change your life forever. I am eternally grateful to Patti and Kitty for sharing their amazing story and to Patti who has been so good to me with comforting words of encouragement and for the gifts she has sent to me. I will treasure her friendship forever.

Diane Mynahan

Vernon, CT


Kitty Silverwings shared a special place in Donny Woods' life.


Please read this incredibly touching and miraculous story about how Kitty touched one man's heart.


My sister, Cyndi’s, husband, Donny Woods, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer about three years ago. They lived together with all their horses and animals in Tucson, AZ.  Donny and Cyndi both loved all animals. They had quite a menagerie together.

Donny Woods


Donny had a fighting spirit and was determined to lick his cancer, but he succumbed to the insidious disease on May 3, 2015.  That was a very sad day, indeed.


onny was given 3 weeks to live at the time of his diagnosis, but he hung in there for 16 months, surprising his doctors and everyone else that loved him.  He was a testament to the greatness of the human spirit and a will driven by his love for God.


Feeling helpless about the situation, I set out to try and find inspiration for Donny and my sister.  My lovely neighbor, Patti Ansuini, had just published a book about her magnificent horse, Kitty Silverwings.  I attended her book signing at Barnes and Nobel and purchased two copies of the book. I kept one and mailed the other to Donny.  I later purchased another copy for my Dad because he is the only person in our family that loves horses just as much as Donny did.  Patti also gave me a copy of the inspiring movie about Kitty that I, in turn, shared with my Dad and Donny.  I think they both watched that movie every day for 16 months.  Donny took great comfort in watching the movie over and over as he battled his illness.  He just couldn’t get over that little horse and her miracle.

Donny Woods with one of his special friends.

As Donny’s illness progressed, I kept Patti informed and we put him on both our prayer lists.  Patti also suggested that a gift from Kitty might lift Donny’s spirits.  So, she washed Kitty’s tail so there would be no chance of contamination to Donny in his frail state, and took some of the hair to make a braided lasso for him, along with one of Kitty’s shoes.  Well, Donny was over the moon.  He just couldn’t believe that he was receiving such a precious gift from Kitty.  At first, he put the braided lasso in a frame so that he could look at it from the hospital bed that they had set up for him in the house along with the shoe.


Donny’s spirits never wavered, but his body was slowly shutting down, so he eventually had to go to hospice.  It was there that he passed away on May 3, 2015, with his family and his beloved wife by his side.  I had the privilege of being there during this difficult time to support my sister, Cyndi, and to pray with the family immediately after Donny died in his room at hospice.  I noticed that he was clutching the braided lasso from Kitty the entire time.


Cyndi buried Donny in his finest western attire, along with the ashes

of his two beloved dogs. And in his hand was the gift from

Kitty Silverwings.




Listen to Kitty and Patti's Storyon the Rick Lamb Show!

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