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 A survival story — against  impossible odds — that will make you believe in miracles.


Learn the story of a close spiritual

bond forged mere hours after her birth,

between what was thought to be a catastrophically injured filly and her owner, Patti Ansuini.


Attending veterinarians felt that the humane thing to do was to euthanize the filly immediately.  But, Ansuini saw the hope of life in the filly's eyes and was determined to give her the chance.

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Kitty Silverwings was foaled in the wee hours of a stormy March morning in 1993.


She arrived with multiple catastrophic injuries, the worst of which was a severed radial nerve in her right front leg and shoulder, which to all intent and purposes meant she had the use of just three of her four legs.


To add to her woes, Kitty’s tendon was also severely contracted which kept her from even being able to use her right front foot to maintain her balance. She also had no visible muscle tissue on either her shoulder or forearm. Her sternum was twisted dramatically to the left side of her body which in turn caused her right elbow to drop down to a level that put it even with her left knee.


During the second week of Kitty’s life serious abscesses began to form at both the point of her shoulder and another at her elbow. Foals have next to no immune system at birth, so this condition would most certainly leave her open to serious infection and according to experts, compounded with her other injuries, virtually assured her a death sentence.


The attending veterinarians suggested immediate euthanasia.


A direct descendant of the great Nez Perce War horses of old, the filly had the calm steady look of one about to enjoin the battle...


and she fought on. . . .

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